Video helps you convey your ideas in ways that pictures and plain text simply cannot. The experience you offer on your web site can quickly cultivate a wider audience and deepen their brand loyalty. Video media has proven to keep customers viewing a web site longer and ultimately can generate more sales leads than any other commercial media format.

Indesign Web’s team of experienced artists and engineers are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art video services. Our delivery options and rates are flexible, allowing us to meet the demands of any size projects to fit with the appropriate budget.

Areas of Video Production

Let us create the commercial or video presentation your envisioning. Our video production staff is eager to transform your ideas into reality. We work to define the project timeline, organize the script creation, capture the scene footage, add effect transitions, and mastering of your final product.

Video Production Services:

HD Video Capture
Video Editing
DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
Online Video Distribution
Library Management

Our Project Managers work with you as your dedicated contact. They assist you with your requests, coordinate them with our web team, monitor the allocation of your contracted hours, and keep the team informed of any developments that affect your project.

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